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Helping the animals of Copper Canyon

Dr. Shannon’s mission to provide veterinary services in a remote area of Mexico

The mission of Compassion Copper Canyon began with Dr. Dawkins and her husband Alan traveling  to Mexico for a marathon. They fell in love with the area and were inspired to help the residents and animals in the Copper Canyon area. The region of the Copper Canyons within the Sierra Madre Occidental is brutally beautiful, difficult to reach, and hard on its inhabitants.

They returned a few months later, this time with their two small children, driving thirty hours to get there. They filled the back of their old Ford pick up truck with donated clothes and toys for a Christmas toy drive, and, of course, veterinary supplies. Shannon and her family spent a few days in the mountain area and a few in the canyon. Each place they went, they spread the word so people would know that they had free medications to treat pets and street dogs.
With the help of some wonderful local friends and supporters, they even reached some remote towns only accessible via four-wheel drive and occasionally a strenuous hike.

When they left the Copper Canyon Region this time they felt that they wanted to do even more and decided to start the process to become a non-profit. They founded Compassion Copper Canyon and returned again in March 2019 to do a small spay and neuter trial clinic in the town of Cerocahui.

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How you can help

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